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Just love this shot of my oldest daughter.  She is so wonderful. 

Almost had it all

 Good Bye Whitney

   I remember getting a Whitney Houston tape stuck in my cars tape player, and for a while I did not care, cause I loved how smooth her voice was. Tragic how her life unfolded. In the end though, I figure our lives are about the choices we all make day to day. My prayers go out to her family, and I will really miss hearing her sing. 

Here is a vid we made to help encourage people in our church, show up each week at 4 to fill easter eggs.  We plan to fill 20,000 when it is all said and done.  

Veronica talks about how God has helped her since her husband passed away

My daughter starts drivers ed when she goes back to school after Christmas Break, she and her younger sister, who by the way, thinks she can drive now, are goofing around in this photo, like the youngest is really gonna hit the road. The look on my oldest daughters face, is similar to how I feel about her starting to drive. I am very excited for her, but also so scared about her being a part of that chaos of cars. 

quirky on Flickr.

I love going on photo walks with Hannah. We had a blast. We never can figure out a good way to be original, so we just make stuff up.

My lovely wife made this for me. Poor thing smashed  her thumb making one of the holes in the pennies. It does not look like much, but I love it. Each penny is the date of each of our births, our graduations, when we met, when we were married, and when our two children were born. So fantastic. Thank you sweetheart. 

Our daughter Hannah is so excited to get her letter jacket. She is almost wishing school was back in session just so she can wear it. All her grand parents went together to help make it possible for her to have this jacket, so it is extra special to her. She even had a couple who work with my wife, who consider our girls their own give toward it. We are all very blessed this Holiday. 

She was so jazzed it was Christmas dress up day at her school. She dug through stuff for hours last night till she emerged wearing this. She is pumped!